Patient Decision Aid for Type 2 Diabetes

EPI-Q recently collaborated with a number of clinical thought leaders and Emmi Solutions, a healthcare communications company, to develop a Patient Decision Aid (PDA) for Type 2 Diabetes. It was reviewed by International Patient Decision Aids Standards (IPDAS) using a standardized scoring instrument based on the IPDAS PDA development criteria and received its highest rating score to date. EPI-Q presented the results at the American Association of Diabetes Educators Annual Meeting on August 6, 2014.  Additionally, the details were highlighted in Frontline Medical News. Patients can feel empowered or paralyzed when making a health care decision because of the amount of information available to them. Particularly when there is a pressure sensitive situation and it is difficult to weigh their personal values with available and credible evidence. PDAs are credible tools that when developed properly can help patients/caregivers and their physician objectively sort through the available evidence to make an informed decision that helps resolve decisional conflict. For a more detailed discussion on development methodology, see the IPDAS Collaborative web site.