Medical Communications
& KOL Management

The combination of marketing, clinical, and methodological skills enable EPI-Q to work with its clients to create the content for all forms of scientific messaging and communication, to recruit and work with KOLs, and to develop mechanisms to disseminate appropriate messages to targeted audiences.

These services provide clients with a single source for all of their medical and scientific communications needs.

Offerings include:

Medical/Scientific Writing

  • Manuscripts
  • White papers
  • Posters
  • Poster layout
  • Product monographs
  • Training module development
  • Slide kits
  • Symposia program content development (CME and non-CME)
  • Enduring materials
  • Scientific meeting summaries

Communications Strategies

  • Strategic communications plan
  • Message dissemination strategies
  • Prelaunch planning

Marketing & Scientific Messaging

  • Link scientific messaging with brand
  • Optimize product awareness, desirability, acceptance
  • Increase patient and physician awareness
  • Improve provider-patient communication

Publications Strategy

  • Planning and development
  • Publications plan and scientific messaging strategy alignment
  • Publications plan development and management

Structured Literature Reviews

  • Systematic searches
  • Information extraction
  • Evaluation and results
  • GAP analysis

KOL Forums & Advisory Boards

  • Identification and recruitment
  • Advocacy training
  • Content development
  • Slide deck development
  • Symposia and advisory board  content development

Speaker Training

  • Customer training
  • KOL training

Field Support Services

  • Tool development
  • Slide presentations
  • Launch kits

Medical Field Support Services

  • Field Communications
  • Physician/Pharmacist/Customer information requests

Medical Training

  • Sales training
  • Customer training
  • Therapeutic category education
  • Disease state education and training