Strategic & Commercialization

EPI-Q’s combination of clinical and marketing staff provides the ability to deliver strategic and commercialization consulting services.

EPI-Q’s team helps companies understand market implications associated with decisions based on our clinical, methodological, and management experience. This is critical as decisions made early in the development of clinical research programs have significant cost and market-positioning implications requiring sound scientific advice and evidence.

Offerings include:

Commercialization Strategy

  • Value Proposition
    • Development
    • Testing

Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs, & Practices (KABP) Surveys

  • Design and development
  • Survey management
  • Data analysis and reports

Prelaunch/Postlaunch/Relaunch Services

  • Positioning development and recommendations
  • Develop messaging strategy
  • Develop  scientific message platform
  • Develop commercial message platform

HEOR Strategic Planning

Research Impact Analysis and Contingency Planning

Life Cycle Analysis

  • Assess new indications
  • Strategies to maximize value in life cycle
  • Portfolio analysis and assessment

Risk Mitigation Strategy (REMS)

Clinical Development & Acquisition Planning & Consulting

  • Product acquisition, integration, and licensing services
  • In-licensing consulting
    • Medical technology
    • Molecules
  • Next generation and follow-on biologic consulting

Line Extension Analysis

  • Pediatric
  • Formulations
  • New indications
  • Dosing

Market Mapping